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Many households today are experiencing job loss, lack of medical insurance and a major increase in household monthly expenses that require different strategies to make ends meet.  MSDC has designed a program that will assist in evaluating the needs of the family and offer resources and actions plans that may address difficult challenges. 

Housing/Homebuyer Programs
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If you are renting and desire to own your own home, call our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our Housing Specialists.  MSDC can work with you to develop a tailored Action Plan in order to meet all your needs in reaching your goal for homeownership.  All you need to do is pick up the phone to speak to a counselor or follow this link and get started.   Make up in your mind today to stop paying for a house that belongs to someone else.

Home Sales
Purchase, Pur-Rehab,
New Construction
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Affordable Housing has turned into purchasing homes that may be affordable, but are they safe? Or decent and free from the need of repairs?  MSDC has established a housing market of affordable, safe, decent and free from major repairs after you buy the home.  


Working with MSDC is like designing your home. We provide you with a home that is free from the hectic process of having to work on    renovation projects on your own.  Start today by first taking a look at our current, available housing list by clicking the link above for Home Sales.

Foreclosure Prevention
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Preventing Foreclosure is challenging. In many cases, it requires a professional counselor who is experienced in working with lenders and attorneys, to save and protect your ability to keep your home.  MSDC has Certified Counselors trained to assist in creating an Action Plan that will identify the best plan possible in maintaining your home or to assist you in options that will provide the best alternative to work with your lender to avoid the impact of the foreclosure process.  To get started, click on the link above for Foreclosure Prevention.

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