Program Topics:

  1. What are lenders looking for?

  2. Understanding the Loan Process

  3. How Much Can I Afford?

  4. What are My Responsibilities after I purchase?

Currently we are only offering our Homebuyers/credit beginers course as an online  Webinar via Zoom.  To sign up, CLICK HERE.

MSDC also offers a Lender Requested, online Homebuyer Education Training for individuals that are ready to purchase and have been referred by Lenders to complete before closing.  Go to Online Homebuyer Page by selecting the link below:


Ready to Buy


MSDC works with potential homebuyers and assists them in preparing for the loan process.  The loan process can sometimes be overwhelming. By working with a MSDC counselor, we can help you in submitting a more successful loan package that can be approved in a shorter time frame. 


Call 330-631-0350 today,  to start working with one of our Professional Homebuyer Counselors. 



Foreclosure can be a frightening procedure for homeowners today.  Homeowners are looking for assistance in understanding the terms and guidelines, along with assistance in negotiating modification options.


MSDC has  skilled, certified counselors that are trained on preparing a successful package that lenders can understand and make a favorable decision on behalf of the homeowner.


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