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Glad there is Help to Save My Home

Mustard Seed Development Center, (MSDC)  Helping Homeowners
that are struggling with their mortgage payments or Delinquent Property Taxes.

MSDC now has counseling services for Homeowners in Summit County to avoid foreclosure.  We are waiting for financial assistance that can help eligible homeowners in bringing their property taxes current or assist with funding to obtain a repayment plan.

HUD Counselors : working with Homeowners to Save their Home 

  1. Delinquent Property Taxes Assistance   Summit County (only)Will assist up to $2,500 Grant

  2. Mortgage Modification Plans with Lenders -  MSDC is working with Lenders to Assistance with avoiding Foreclosure for mortgage delinquency and delinquent property taxes with your county.

MSDC will assist with modifications plans with your lender.

  • Modifications

  • Repayment Plans

  • Forbearance Agreements

  • Exit Strategies - to include Deed in Lieu, 

  • Refinances

  • Referral to Attorney for other loan options

  • Referral to Lenders for Reverse Mortgages or HECM Counseling

Let MSDC Housing Counselors assist you through the process of successfully completing the modification application.

The program is designed to help people that have had financial situations that have affected their ability to pay their Property Taxes.  Contact a counselor at Mustard Seed Development Center to see if you qualify for the assistance and the additional services.

 Document You Must Complete To Appy for the Assistance:

1.  MSDC Mortgage Assistance Intake Form - (Click this link for the form)

2.  Delinquent Property Tax Assistance Form - (click this link for the form) 

3.  MSDC Authorization Form - (Click this link for the form)

4.  MSDC Budget Form  (Click this link for the form)

5.  SDO Attestation Form  (Click this link for the form)

6.  No Income Statement Form  (Click this link for the form)  

7.  Last 30 days of current income statements of Income for everyone over 18

8.  Copy of your latest Mortgage Statement

9.  Copy of Delinquent Tax Bill 

10.  If Delinquent Property Taxes are over $2,500 you will need a Repayment Plan from the County for the remaining amount owed

11.  Copy of Insurance document showing Mortgage Insurance is paid up to date 

12.  Hand written email or letter to explain why/how/when the taxes became delinquent

13.  Copy of Social Security Cards or Birth Certificate for everyone living in the household.

Delinquent Property Taxes  Income Guidelines per person



Maranda Brisco, Asst Director

Cell Phone - 234-260-2642

Fax Phone - 234-260-2647

Toree Stokes, Director

Cell Phone - 234-260-2640

Fax Phone - 234-260-2644

Rita Smith, Operation Officer

Cell Phone - 234-260-2641

Fax Phone - 234-260-2645

Audrey McLane, Counselor Asst

Cell Phone - 234-260-3585

Fax Phone - 234-260-3595

Angela Nixon, Counselor Asst

Cell Phone - 234-260-3620

Fax Phone - 330-631-0350

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