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Financial Help for Homeowners
that are current  OR delinquent

MSDC has been contracted by Ohio Housing Finance Agency, (OHFA) to assist homeowners that own their home in OHIO with the application process to receive funding to secure their home.  

The program is designed to help people that were affected during COVID starting from 2020 until now.  Contact a counselor at Mustard Seed Development Center to see if you qualify for these funds.

Let MSDC Housing Counselors assist you through the process of successfully completing the application.  

Documents That Will Assist You To Learn About the Program:

1.  Agency Infor for Paying for Utilities and Insurances and Delinquent Property Taxes

Mortgage Help Resources _ Save the Dream Ohio

Contact Community Action in your County or continue to work with your HUD counselor to complete CA online application and collect Your documents..


Document You Must Complete To Appy for the Assistance:

1.  MSDC Mortgage Assistance Intake Form - (Click this link for the form)  

2.  MSDC Authorization Form - (Click this link for the form)

3.  MSDC Budget Form  (Click this link for the form)

4.  SDO Third Party Authorization Form

5.  SDO Attestation Form 

6.  SDO Financial Hardship Attestation Form 

7.  No Income Statement Form  

8.  Last 30 days of current income statements of Income for everyone over 18

9.  Copy of your latest Mortgage Statement

10. Explanation letter of how COVID affected your income 

Financial Hardships that may qualify you Up to $25,000 for Mortgage Assistance and up to $10,000 for other household expenses such as delinquent property taxes.

A homeowner or spouse on the mortgage or deed, living in the subject property must have expenienced and attested to a material reduction in income or material increase in living expenses due to COVID19 after January 21, 2020.  Examples of qualifying hardships:

  • Loss of work/decrease in available hours at work, or forced work closures

  • Inability to access or get to work, loss of wages or other compensation ordinarily received

  • Increase in childcare cost, forced to miss work due to school/childcare closure

  • Self-quarantined at home under government or medical recommendations

  • Stay-at-home or shelter-in-place order by any level of government authority

  • Forced to take off work to care for a family member

  • increase in family expenses due to pandemic, or emergency preparedness

  • Personal or family experiencing illness, disability, or mental health issues

  • Loss of social, financial, or health safety net

  • Fear and concerns of future economic and health insecurity and instability                                                                                                                       


Income Guidelines per person

The Save the Dream Ohio program has two components: 

  1. Mortgage Assistance

  2. Utility Assistance Plus (UAP),

The Utilities Assistance Plus (UAP) program is designed to prevent homeowners experiencing financial hardship from losing utilities or home energy services due to the inability to pay stemming from a COVID hardship. 

The following utilities are eligible for payment through the UAP program: 

  • Natural gas, electricity, bulk fuel, water, sewer, trash removal, broadband internet service and disconnection and reconnection fees. 

Property taxes can be paid when the following applies: 

  • The property taxes are paid directly to the taxing authority rather than through an escrow arrangement with a mortgage company. 

The following homeowner fees are eligible for payment through UAP program: 

  • Homeowners insurance, flood insurance, mortgage insurance, homeowner’s association fees or lien, and condominium association fees. 


Toree Stokes, Director

Cell Phone - 234-260-2640

Fax Phone - 234-260-2644

Maranda Brisco, Asst Director

Cell Phone - 234-260-2642

Fax Phone - 234-260-2647

Rita Smith, Operation Officer

Cell Phone - 234-260-2641

Fax Phone - 234-260-2645

Brittany Bates, Counselor Asst

Cell Phone - 234-260-2806

Fax Phone - 330-631-0355

Audrey McLane, Counselor Asst

Cell Phone - 234-260-3585

Fax Phone - 234-260-3595

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