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Financial Empowerment can mean different strategies for everyone. However, everyone can agree that to be financially empowered is to have adequate finances, to meet your financial obligations, as well as acquire financial wealth to take care of future and unexpected expenses.

Creating A Plan For Today

Why Is Credit Important

How To Plan For Tomorrow

Financial Planning for Today should be personally designed to evaluate your current Financial and Credit behaviors in order to custom design and develop a comprehensive strategy to successfully meet your Financial and Credit Goals. 
This Program will meet with you and go over your current financial behavior and habits on how you are spending your money.  Then with your help we will create a plan of action that is designed to meet your monthly household needs.
Program Topics:
1.  Money Management Evaluations
2.  Understanding Household Expenses
3.  Developing Household                 Spending/Saving Plan
   A.  Spending Plans for Fixed Income             Sources
   B.  Spending Plans for Variable                      Income Sources



Credit Is Important to Have & Use!
In the U.S., not everyone has open, established credit accounts with on going balances.  However, everyone  may use credit options in one form or another.  
This program will provide you with information about the different  types of credit used today and assist you in identifying the best options for your family.
Program Topics:
1.  Understanding Credit & Credit           Repair Strategies
2.  Eliminating Debt Strategies
3.  Maintaining Positive Credit                  Options
4.   Learning the Benefits of Credit


The Future can be many years away or just around the corner.  What I do today will determine my life style and security when ever the Future gets here.     
The future can be as easy as preparing a Will and as difficult as leaving a Legacy for your children and your children, children. Whether it's medical coverage or enough to have savings to live the life you desire, the Future must be planned.  Th
Program Topics:
1.  Learn about the systems that will be taking care of you
2.  The importance of Insurance
3.  Understanding Assets and Equity
4.  Understanding Different                          Investments strategies
5.  Learning the Importance of                   Creating a Will or Trust for your             family





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