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Our Mission, Purpose and Vision at MSDC


Mission Statement:

To Serve the Community by presenting "Key Principles" that develop effective money management skills, encourage setting financial goals that will maintain Financial Stability to empower individuals to create wealth and secure permanent housing.

Purpose Statement:

To work with families in developing strong Financial and Wealth Building Action Plans that will improve the quality of life for individuals no matter their economic status.

Vision Statement:

Our vision is to improve individuals financial abilities to reach their goals by improving how they spend, save and invest money.  It is our goals to educate families on how to obtain the best credit options, increase purchase power, and prepare for retirement years.

How will we accomplish this:

Financial/Housing Workshops

Train on how to understand the use of Credit

Planning for the future

 Financial/Housing Workshops
Are designed to evaluate your current Financial and Credit behaviors in a classroom workshop environment with trained HUD Approved Professionals.
Credit Is Important to Have!
In the U.S., not everyone has  an open, established credit accounts with on going balances.  However, everyone may use credit options in one form or another.  
In order to have purchasing power individuals must understand how creditors are evaluating credit usage.
Planning For Retirement Today
Financial Planning should be personally designed to evaluate your current Financial and Credit behaviors in order to custom design and develop a comprehensive strategy to successfully meet your Financial and Credit Goals after you retire. 
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