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Income Tax Time!  What are you going to do?


January of each year is the time where everyone is thinking about completing their tax returns.  Let MSDC provide you with some great tips to assist you in getting the maximum return you can get.


TIP # 1

Mortgage Relief Program - For all you Homeowners out there that received assistance from foreclosure strategies to include ModificationShort Sales and or Deed in Lieus,  on December 3, 2014 it was reported that Congress passed a bill to extend the Mortgage Relief Tax Exemption for one more year.   Please click on the following announcement. 

TIP # 2

SAVE MONEY ON FILING YOUR TAX RETURNS!!!!!!!  Call today the number below to find out how to get your taxe return done for FREE.


            1.  Call 211today.  InforLine will provide you with agencies prepared to complete your tax return for free!   

TIP # 3

Not sure what to do with your refund?????????   Call MSDC today at 330-631-0350 and schedule an appointment with a Financial Counselor.  You will be able to speak with certified Financial Advisors to assist you in reaching your Financial Goals.


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